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Adhesive Dots

US $7.95
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These Adhesive Dots are a must-have when creating a photo album, scrap book or memory book. Attach the dots on the back of your photos, magazine cut-outs or other bits and pieces that you wish to keep, and stick them onto the pages in your album or book.

If you ever wish to remove them, just peel the photo or cut-out off the page, and simply rub off the adhesive dots. It is so easy and won't leave any marks on your photos or in your album or book!
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350 dots in each packet
Enough for 75 photos

SKU: 10390401


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they are better than tapeReview by savannah
they are better than tape super cheap and come in more than one i think that was a very creative idea for kiki k to make adhesive dots (Posted on 15/11/2016)
Must haveReview by Jaimie
I don't understand how people in the above reviews have had so much trouble with the blue dots. I don't use them in the way you see in the videos, but usually cut a strip from the larger sheet of how many dots I need and then peel back the cover one by one and stick where I need. Never had an issue and I use them all the time. So much better than glue, every dot I have stuck has remained secure no matter how thick the paper. Even though I use the dots heaps one packet lasts ages, over 12 months.
Absolutely a Kikki-k must have. (Posted on 18/09/2016)
Useful but...Review by I.W.
Useful dots and your photos remain flat in the album. But make sure you choose the dark blue dots. The light blue dots are the ones that smudge on your hands like in the other reviews. I found the dark blue dots are much better and stick better on photos! (Posted on 5/09/2016)
LOVE THEMReview by Alva
I've been using adhesive dots for quite a bit now, when I first got them I used it literally everyday to add decor into my kikki.k planner. As lots of other reviews say, it is hard to get the dots off but only after a while. The dots get off very easily and clean for a few minutes but then after its kinda permanent but that doesn't effect me that much because it would be your fault if you wanted to take them off and then saw the blue marks because they blue marks only stain and stay permanent only after its been stuck for a few hours :) I'm a big fan of the adhesive dots and honestly, the stains don't really mean anything, they're just little blue stains and blue isn't that bad, right? I don't understand all the negativities because I totally recommend these, they are strong and pretty high quality in my opinion, They're so light weight to carry anywhere and they're tiny but like the strongest thing ever! :) (Posted on 20/03/2016)
Easy to useReview by Janice
So easy to use. Perfect for using it in my planning. (Posted on 8/03/2016)
TerribleReview by Lucy
These dots leave blue marks everywhere and stain photos! The are really hard to get off the page individually as they are so close together, and absolutely impossible to remove from the wrong place. I can't believe they claim they rub off easily!!! Many a photo ruined. (Posted on 5/02/2016)
Fantastic productReview by Milena
Fantastic product, so easy to use and practical. I use it primarily to decorate my planner and photos on my vision board. They are seriously easy to use, leave no marks or glue and the final product looks great (paper does not shrink or crease as when you use glue). I love them and have been purchasing them ever since I discovered them, would not go back to glue! They also hold things together way better than glue. (Posted on 27/01/2016)
Use this product wisely, and it is greatReview by Toru
yes it doesn't come off easily as described above. So don't assume that. otherwise it has pretty strong adhesion, and great for wrapping, albums and other craft needs. glue sticks, tape runners sometimes don't work on some kind of surface, but this one does. because this is in sheets, sometimes it's better than glue runners and sticks for a surface that is not entirely flat. . for those who want to stick temporarily, I'd recommend other repositional type of glue. (Posted on 18/12/2015)
they r a brilliant stickersReview by dakota hudson
they r brilliant a little harder than i thought taking them off:) (Posted on 6/12/2015)
Waste of MoneyReview by T
One of the worst products, bought it and thought it would be a great help. However, they are super complicated and hard to use, leave blue traces all over the pages. Would rather use a glue roller or double-sided tape. These dots are like blue tack! (Posted on 17/10/2015)
GreatReview by Valerie
I love these dots. They are so easy to use, and stick my polaroid pictures in my journal easily.
They are the cheapest price of all the adhesive dots too. (Posted on 29/09/2015)
TerribleReview by Kate
This is one of the worst products I have come across. I am so disappointed, I purchased these to make a Father's Day album, but can't even stick the photos in the book as the dots don't come off the sheet. Will have to start again, give me double sided tape any day! (Posted on 4/09/2015)
HorribleReview by Nicole
I really like Kikki-K and all their products but this has got to be one of the worst things you can buy. They are incredibly hard to use, the don't come off easy, and they leave awful little blue traces everywhere else where they are not meant to be. I highly regret buying these dots as they have ruined pictures, other decorations and made my scrapbooking process ten times loner. (Posted on 22/05/2015)
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