Forest Friends Party Games

Classic party games are always a hit among guests, coincidentally they also capture the attention of excited children. Don’t let them seem outdated or boring; refresh them with these gorgeous ideas and bright colours.

Here is our update on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, now the super cute Pin the Tail on the Fox.

Step One

Create your base. We used a Vision Board and covered this with versatile Forest Friends Wrapping Paper, pinning it to the board with clear Push Pins.

Step Two

Download our template here for the gorgeous Friendly Fox, from our Forest Friends Collection. The template is sized as A3, so make sure you print it on A3 paper. If you don't have an A3 Printer, save the template on a USB and take it to a printing outlet. There are two templates, one sheet is for the brown parts of the fox, and one is for the white features.

Step Three

Once you have printed the template out, trace the fox outline onto dark brown Wrapping Paper. Cut out the fox shape and place this aside. Cut the white features out of your second template and stick these on to your brown fox with double sided sticky tape. Make sure you keep the tail seperate.

Step Three

Pin or using double side sticky tape, secure your gorgeous fox onto your beautifully decorated Vision Board. Stick a Push Pin through the beginning of the tail, or for little hands, use blue tack. Now spin around your party guests and send them on their way to pin the tail as close as they can to the right spot. Use your cute DIY nametags to mark where each person guesses.

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