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Your year begins today. 365, a journal to commence at any point in the year for a new job, a new semester, or a new lease on life.

This journal is not dated, meaning you can start from page 1 at any point in the year.

Makes a great gift for baby showers, engagement parties, weddings and anniversaries.

Turn your journey into a keepsake - start a journal. For journaling tips and prompts visit our blog.


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  • Amazing!


    I only started this about a month ago but already it's completely priceless. I'm treating it a bit like a scrapbook - I do my page at the end of the day. For example, Christmas Day has pieces of wrapping paper and treasure hunt clues. It's amazing, and I'll definitely be keeping this up for as long as I can (I may have already bought the mint one in anticipation of next year).

    Lovely light pages, gorgeous, good quality, and as memorable as you want to make it!



  • Amazing!


    I bought this book in the beginning of 2013 as I knew it would be a year like no other, and it has been perfect for writing down each magical moment!!! I have never written a diary before but with this book I have hardly missed a day and I love it!
    Its simple but pretty looking and the pages are so light and nice!
    I would recommend it to anyone and can't wait to get my one for next year, although I like the newly released colours (light blue and pink)
    5 stars for sure!!



  • Never had such an awesome journal.


    The 365 Journal is hands-down one of the best things I've ever bought to write in. I've always loved writing, and I've always wanted a journal to put my thoughts and memories into; but until this one came along, I've never been able to stick with it. I started it on January 1 this year and have been writing in it every day since. I'm up to day 168 today and my book is filled with notes, pictures, concert tickets, sketches and just about everything else I can reasonably cram into a day.

    I can think of so many uses for this book; but I think the best thing is that even now, I can look back over any given day and read what my mindset was - what was important to me and what was going on in my life; and I can just imagine poring over this book in the years to come. I really hope kikki-k keeps this journal available FOREVER because I am seriously going to be buying one every year (might even stockpile some just in case!).



  • Wonderful diary to capture your life however you like


    I absolutely adore this journal. I love the concept, I love the paper in it, it's not too heavy so easy to take around everywhere, and it generally serves as a wonderful canvas to pour your life and your memories into. Every time I add something into as the days go by, when I flip back into the past, it helps me to remember the meaning of life as a journey and helps to appreciate the present and my dreams for the future. Whatever kind of life you lead, this journal is the perfect way to document it, celebrate it, reflect on it, improve it, change it or simply remember. 10 points!



  • My most prized material possession


    I love this book. The fact that YOU dictate where the years journey begins for you is simply beautiful. Mine started Jan 7 and for the first time in years I write in it every night. My dreams, feelings, my day...anything! And to be able to look back and see the progress I made this year by writing my last page Jan 6 2014 is the best part. I am scared they will stop printing them so went and bought 5 so at least I have the next 6 years covered! End of this year ill buy another 5 lol...Kiki K please don't ever stop printing them. It was this book that made me write again and I am ever grateful xxx



  • My past, present, and future.


    I own three of these diaries: Black for 2011, Red for 2012, and Black for 2013.

    All of them begin on 001, the 1st of January and end/will end on 365, the last day of December (except last year, which was a leap year). For me, this diary does not record a part of my life, but contains my life - my work hours, birthdays, funerals, exams, quotes, lines, colours, textures, animals, words, tickets, receipts, post its, and images that define me, and thus, my life. I am known amongst my friends for having this dairy with me wherever I go, and each time, they beg to turn the pages one by one, and see where my brain's been for the last few months.

    Almost 2 books later and with a brand new 365 in hand, I give this product a solid 5 hearts. Here are my pros and cons.

    1. If you're looking for a diary with pages not too many, not too few, left completely blank for YOU to fill with YOU, this is the diary for YOU. There is the occasional problem of certain heavy duty inks seeping through the page, visible on the other side. I understand and accept this. If the pages were any thicker, this diary would simply be too inconvenient to carry around. HOWEVER, note that the red diary holds ivory pages and the black diary contains 'normal' white pages. The ivory paper is thinner, but tends to hold watercolour better, whereas the white pages are slightly thicker and more opaque. Both are beautiful, and both have their pros and cons.

    2. One criticism about this product - the binding can definitely be sturdier, kiki. K. This is not to say that it's absolute rubbish quality. All my used diaries are still very much intact. The corners of my diaries are well-worn, and this I see to be a result of my handling. But the binding could definitely be sturdier. My previous handmade diary of the same size and material that cost me $12 AUD lasted longer.

    3. If you're like me and just can't stop the creativity juices flowing, you'll enjoy this very much. As you can see, both the front and back covers of this diary are deliciously empty - perfect for customising this diary and making it entirely your own. I love using stencils and white wall paint. You can choose to go trendy (e.g. moustaches, deer, swallows, glasses frames, silhouettes) or traditional (e.g. text, flowers, intricate patterns, symbols). Whatever you choose, the end result is -always- so satisfying.

    4. I find it very difficult to choose appropriate presents for friends and family for ANY occasion. If you are the same, this will save your life! I think this is a BEAUTIFUL gift for people of all ages and genders. If you want it to be extra-special, go to the trouble of decorating a couple of pages. They'll ♥ it.

    There aren't many opportunities to commit these days.
    It's a big commitment to commit to committing.
    So now, I dare you.
    Take it one day at a time. Take this empty book and vow to fill it honestly with all that you are. By the end of the year, you will have a self-illustrated and self-written volume of a chapter of your life that you can keep and re-read for decades ahead.
    The more you pour into it, the more enjoyment you will get out of it.



  • My most favourite item right now !


    I love that this journal doesn't have dates, meaning that you can start using it whenever you want to. Another thing that I love is how the journal is bound and it feels very durable. The size is also convenient for travel which is great and it feels very nice to hold as well :)
    One problem that I have found though is that the ink in certain pens will seep into the page and be visible on the other side of that page but i've found that to be only a minor issue. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for a new journal!



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