What products are available to be monogrammed?

We offer a wide range of leather and paper products for monogramming. To view the collection, please click here. Please note some packaging may need to be removed when monogramming items. In ensuring each of our products are a true representation of our brand purpose and values, we monitor all monogramming requests and will notify you if we are not able to process your order accordingly.

Why can’t everything on kikki.K be monogrammed?

Our extensive range of monogramming products have been carefully selected to ensure our personalisation service offers premium quality, beautiful and functional pieces that can all withstand the stamping process involved in monogramming. Should you have any further questions about our personalisation service product offering, please let one of our friendly Team Members know.

How many characters can I have monogrammed?

You can have up to five characters monogrammed on majority of our products. On some of our smaller products only three characters can be monogrammed. Please note this may change depending on the letter size. The punctuation marks available for monogramming are # + & ! . - =

What colours can you monogram?

Monogramming is available in gold, silver, rose gold, white and black foiling and blind emboss in most cases.

What does blind emboss mean?

Blind emboss means that no foil is used. The monogramming will be pressed into the leather but not coloured.

Can I choose where my monogramming is placed?

In most cases, monogramming will be positioned on the bottom right hand side of the product with a few exceptions:

  • Pencil case: monogramming will be positioned on the bottom left hand side of the product.
  • Key ring: monogramming will be positioned in the centre of the product.
  • Items with patterns on the front: monogramming will be positioned on the inside of the product.

What can I expect my monogram to look like?

The process of monogramming one of our beautiful products means that desired foiling colour is applied using extreme heat to emboss and stamp the leather. The entire process is completed by hand which means each product is carefully attended to by one of our monogramming experts. Due to this process, each monogrammed product may slightly vary in appearance.

What are the delivery times on monogrammed products?

Orders containing monogrammed products will require an additional 1-2 business days for dispatch and delivery. In stores during peak periods, please allow 24 hours for your item to be monogrammed.

To What is the cost for monogrammed products?

We currently have 1 price for monogrammed products; 1-3 characters

  • AU/US/Worldwide - $9.95
  • NZ/SG - $12.90

Can I exchange or return my monogrammed item?

The beauty of the monogramming is that once an item is personalised it is created and marked especially for you! This means that we are unable to accept exchanges or refunds if you change your mind about your purchase.

I have placed my order – am I able to change my monogramming?

The monogramming process is initiated immediately once an order has been placed. For any immediate monogramming product changes please contact to check the status of your order.

My monogrammed item is faulty, can I get a replacement?

The entire monogramming process is completed by hand which means each product is carefully attended to by one of our monogramming experts. In saying this, there may be some slight irregularities throughout the process that make each product so uniquely different. If you believe the actual product you have had monogrammed is faulty, please contact our Guest Experience team at for more information.