Start your day right and take a moment to appreciate the amazing world around you, and get inspired by the little things! Lovingly made in Swedish style to inspire, organise and create positive change in your life, our gratitude planners and planners help you keep on top of your day to day,

Gratitude Journals-OLD

Choose a gratitude journal to motivate someone special in your life, or choose one for yourself and take some time for daily reflection as part of your self-care routine. Create simplicity with Swedish designs made to inspire peace in scheduling. Discover a range of seasonal designs in beautifully muted leather and colourful hardback covers, and organise your life in style.

Find things to be thankful for each day and create a beautiful keepsake of positivity with gratitude journals from the kikki.K collection of journals, notebooks and more. Visualise your calendar and create colour in the mundane day-to-day. Complete with fun exercises to get you moving, inspiring quotes to get you thinking and journaling prompts to help you focus on the things that really matter in life, start making every day count and shine with a kikki.K gratitude journal today.