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US $64.95
Personalise It!
Enjoy all the benefits of our classic Black Textured Leather Personal Planner in a smaller size with this Medium version. With a sleek black exterior and matching tabs, it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a minimal look. Match it back with your favourite black and white accessories from our Minimalist collection and love the feeling of perfect organisation it brings.

The 18 month perpetual Calendar means you can start using this Planner on any day of the year. Simply enter your own dates and start making a note of all your important appointments, deadlines and reminders. Then simply use the Stickers to customise your tabs and use each section to manage your workload.

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• Measurements: 190mm x 140mm x 40mm
• Made from genuine leather
• Textured leather with gold hardware
• Patterned cotton lining
• Stud closure
• Elastic pen loop
• 6 ring metal binder
• 2 internal pockets *new design
• 1 large pocket
• 18 Month Perpetual Calendar
• To Do List
• Meeting Notes
• 4 Blank Tabs with Notes Pages
• 2 Sticker Sheets
• Mini ‘To Do’ pad
• Notepad

Your kikki.K Planner is handmade using natural materials, which means no two Planners are the same. Due to the nature of leather, there may be some slight irregularities in the leather colour and size of the grain.

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Medium gets Jammed Review by Teri
I love Kikki K planners. The A5 three ring binders are the best quality and most beautiful in my opinion. So I was surprised to find that the Medium Black planner has issues. When the planner is closed, the back pages some how manage to get stuck between the ring/back cover...every time the binder is closed. I've added a rear dashboard and a pouch, took 1/2 of the contents out, and yet it still gets jammed. On my A5 planners, when I added the rear dashboard, the problem was solved. Not so with the Medium. It's still a gorgeous planner, but just be aware. (Posted on 22/11/2016)
love it I've just started college and its helped me so much (Posted on 6/08/2016)
Beautiful...couldn't have asked for moreReview by Karina L
This planner is beautiful. I received it within days of ordering it and I am so happy with it. This is my first planner from Kikki k and will define lay be ordering more in the future. Thank you. (Posted on 26/07/2016)
I love it <3Review by Lani
The first Kikki K I ever bought was a large because I thought that the medium was too small. I recently decided to make the plunge into a smaller planner and I love it. I naturally write pretty small but my biggest praises of this planner are the portability and ability to decorate it any way you like (my first planner was the Ocean blue with Gold details and although I adore it, you can only use certain colours to decorate it).

* Can be decorated anyway you like
* Small enough to plan anywhere (I always use a desk/table with the large size, whereas I can plan with this on my lap anywhere)
* Great for naturally small writers (you don't feel obligated to write larger to fill space)

* No zipper pocket in the medium planners
* I prefer vertical weekly planning over horizontal and this currently isn't available to buy from Kikki K (this is a personal planner and not a time planner so there aren't any weekly planning pages included anyway but I'd love to be able to buy this option from here rather than having to go scouring Etsy Shops for vertical inserts) (Posted on 24/06/2016)
Beautiful but...Review by Sonia
This planner is way too small to write. I have to open the rings and take a page out in order to be able to write properly, at the same time, it is not "too small" to the point where you can just throw it in your average sized purse - it is way to bulky for that. I have a purse that is the size of a Medium MK Selma purse (you can google that for a reference( and this is way too bulky in there. (Posted on 12/05/2016)
It Bends!Review by Daniela
The size is OK, but the paper bends all the time, it's super umcomfortable :(
I think is a ringed problem, I don't know if this happens in the other sizes.
(Posted on 10/05/2016)
My Unicorn Review by Jane
Was undecided to get this.. But was happy i did..
Great textured leather that is easy to clean.. Pretty professional black leather outside but quirky cotton lining on the inside.. Huge rings!!! And lots of pockets... I've finally crammed all my stuff from home to work to business to kids schedule.. Now i can say i have planner peace.. This planner will go places as the timeless "little black dress" they say.. Love the gold binder ring that goes well with the black leather.. i love everything about it!!! (Posted on 25/04/2016)
Classy, Sophisticated, and Timeless!Review by Dandelion
After buying the A5 black planner, I knew I had to also get it in personal-size. Although I love all my colorful kikki-K planners, I find myself using my black planners as my primary planners. It's beautifully made and black is so classy & timeless! Couldn't be happier. Thank you! (Posted on 6/04/2016)
No weekly inserts!!? Review by Aimee
I got this for a gift to a friend and I am so disappointed. What kind of planner doesn't come with weekly inserts? Instead let's waste paper with 200 pages of blank lined sheets. Now I have to go online and buy inserts which is another $20. (Posted on 7/02/2016)
PerfectReview by Autumn
I love this planner it is the perfect size and has really large rings which is what i need since i fill my planners. It is extremely stylish and a great planner overall. (Posted on 28/09/2015)
Would be perfect if....Review by Kate
I purchased this project but would really like a zipper pocket to carry coins/USB device/key, etc. This is a big oversight on my part. Similarly, I have purchased the KikkiK compendium and thinks it's a flaw not to have a zipper pocket. I know a lot of people who would purchase either of these products if there were a zipper pocket. KikkiK, please consider. M (Posted on 26/09/2015)
Suits my requirements!! ♡♡♡Review by Melanie
I researched all the different planner options available at the time of purchase at kikki k and this one fits everything I wanted in my binder. The textured leather makes me feel like I won't notice any dents or dings on the front and the fabric lining reduces the bulk of the cover. The pockets are very adequate and the secretarial pocket is very roomy. I wanted bigger rings and knew this is what I was getting.
Some reviews mention being disappointed with the inserts, please read the features section so you aren't disappointed! :)
I am super happy with my purchase, thank you! (Posted on 22/09/2015)
Love the look, needs a little bit more.Review by Harlow
I absolutely love the clean simple look of this planner. I think the medium is the perfect size however when you close the journal the last few section gets pulled and stuck behind the rings which bends the pages and looks flawed. The lady working there said that you can put a laminated piece of paper at the back to stop it from doing that however. I just turn the journal upside down so that all the pages are facing straight down and in the middle of the binder then close it around it so that the sections don't bend when closed.

This thing is perfect for uni students in my opinion (which is what I use it for) or for work related purposes as there is a meeting section there for you to use.

Would have loved if the journal maybe had a more sections to put cards in as I would love to just take this with my drivers license, bank card and a few other cards.

Still beautiful and I love using it everyday. (Posted on 16/09/2015)
too smallReview by Daniela
I love the design, but it's too SMALL. If you like it, buy the large one.
When I close it, the bottom of the sheets bends :( (Posted on 5/09/2015)
Beautiful but one issue...Review by Sina
I know a lot of people love this about the new Kikki K medium planners but the rings are too large for such a small planner. The old rings were fine even for stuffing your planner. The entire last section gets stuck behind the rings when you close it whereas before it was just a few pages. Even right out of the box if you hold your planner up and look at it from the bottom or top its half empty and you can see clear through. It would not have been that bad if the strap that keeps it closed was shorter. There is like 250 pages in this planner and it could probably hold double that amount which is too much. If you are using this as a daily planner than it would be perfect, which is what I might do so that its not so empty hopefully it won't be that heavy to haul around.

Other than that everything is great about this planner. It’s so shiny and pigmented which is something I always worry about when purchasing black leather planners.

(Posted on 29/08/2015)
I love it but...Review by Bianca
I've been waiting for a black medium size planner from Kikki K for a long time but... this model doesn't have a zipper pocket at the front! I like to take my planner on the go and be confident that nothing is going to fall out - I can't do this with these pockets. (Posted on 15/07/2015)
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