At kikki.K we believe everyone has the opportunity to be a giver of good and this holiday season we want to empower you to give meaningful, thoughtful gifts that help your loved ones to dream, do, enjoy and share. Embrace the Swedish legend of the good-natured Tomte and consider ways you can give good this year. Enjoy the season, cherish every moment and let us help make your Christmas a meaningful one.
  • Gifts for a sustainable future

    Give life to a more sustainable future this Christmas by choosing reusable gifts and gifts that encourage loved ones to love and care for the earth.

  • The gift of craftsmanship

    Treat loved ones to quality craftmanship and watch as your gifts live on for years to come, becoming part of people’s stories, milestones and memories.

  • Gifts to inspire dreams

    Choose gifts that inspire and empower loved ones to dream big, chase their dreams and start taking action towards life a life true to them.

  • Gifts that give back

    By purchasing these products, you can give the gift of dreaming while also giving back to support Tererai Trent’s dream to provide access to education for all children.

  • The gift of organisation

    Embrace the beauty of Swedish design with products to help loved ones live a more organised life, every day, creating space for the things that matter most.

  • Gifts to inspire wellness

    Inspire loved ones to make 2020 their best year yet with gifts that can help them find their purpose, explore their values and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.


Tererai Trent x kikki.K

Together with our #101milliondreamers community, sales of Kristina’s ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ book and our She Shines collaboration Collection, kikki.K is helping Dr Tererai Trent to empower and educate the women and children of rural Zimbabwe, and you can help. FIND OUT MORE


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