Join Kristina Karlsson, Founder and Creative Director of global Swedish design and stationery brand, kikki.K – and most recently, author of Your Dream Life Starts Here – as she speaks with one of the most influential women in the world, Arianna Huffington. Greek-American author of best-selling titles, The Sleep Revolution and Thrive, a columnist and highly successful businesswoman, not to mention the co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post and now founder of the hugely successful Thrive Global, Arianna shares her personal experience and wisdom with Kristina on how to overcome the stress epidemic of our modern world, the importance of sleep and how to take make small changes to start living a life you love. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE >


  • The power of making micro changes each day, rather than committing to huge, unattainable resolutions
  • The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, every night
  • That success should not be the result of being overworked and burnt out
  • The importance of daily rituals, gratitude and setting daily intentions
  • The benefits of implementing a digital detox every day



Kristina Karlsson is the Founder and Creative Director of global Swedish design and stationery business, kikki.K. With deep personal experience of the power of dreaming and then doing, Karlsson is on a mission to inspire and empower over 101 million people just like you to write their own dreams on paper and set about bringing them to life. FIND OUT MORE >