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Providing universal access to quality education for children, regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds

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kikki.K is proud to be sharing a percentage of profit from each sale of Kristina Karlsson's ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ book with the Tererai Trent International Foundation, helping Tererai build on the generous foundational support she received from Oprah Winfrey, and supporting her dream to empower women and provide universal access to quality education for children, regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds.

Through the sale of Kristina’s book so far, and the generosity of our #101milliondreamers community, kikki.K has been able to raise over USD $60,000 for Tererai Trent International as well as donate $250,000 worth of stationery to the students of Dr Tererai Trent’s 11 schools in rural Zimbabwe.

Kristina’s dream is to sell 1 million copies of her book, and eventually raise USD $1 million for Tererai Trent International, to help Tererai achieve her dreams of empowering women and providing universal access to quality education for all children.

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"Tererai's story was remarkable. I hung off every word. My heart raced. I cried. I rejoiced at the beauty of the human spirit - and I marvelled at how she had been inspired to write down her dreams on paper, and to chase them. For herself and for the betterment of her community. I was stunned by what she had achieved - all because someone gave her permission to dream. We've since decided to collaborate on sharing her story in the book, and donate to her foundation to help elevate her dreams of bringing education to thousands and thousands of children, empowering a new generation of dreamers and doers" - Kristina Karlsson

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Rooted in humble beginnings, Tererai grew up in a cattle-herding family in rural Zimbabwe, in a country known as Rhodesia under colonial rule, where cultural practices and a war that liberated her country charted the course of her life. Due to traditional women's role and cultural norms, Tererai did not have the opportunity to go to school. Undeterred, she still dreamed of an educational and determinedly taught herself to read and write from her brother's schoolbooks. Despite being married young and having three children by the time she was eighteen, she never lost sight of her dreams.

"If you believe in your dreams, they are achievable."

As a young mother without a high school diploma, Tererai met a woman who would profoundly impact her life: Jo Luck, president and CEO of Heifer International. She told Tererai, "If you believe in your dreams, they are achievable."

With this inspiration and her own mother's encouragement, Tererai wrote down her dreams of going to America for higher education, sealed them in a tin can, and buried them under a rock, ultimatedly redesigning the blueprint of her life.

Dr. Trent could not have imagined that her steadfast determination, hard work and belief in her dreams would eventually earn her multiple degrees, and a prominent global platform with world leaders and international businesses and audiences where she advocates for universal access toquality education.

A two-time guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Tererai was named by Oprah as her "All-Time Favorite Guest" and received a $1.5 million donation to rebuild her childhood elementary school in recognition of her tenacity and never give up attitude. With the firm belief that education is the pathway out of poverty and a desire to give back to her community, Dr. Trent founded Tererai Trent International.

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A percentage of profit from the sale of this collection will be shared with Tererai's Awakened Woman LLC.


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