Learn to create your own Vision Board in this inspiring and creative, hands-on Workshop. Here you will begin to bring your dreams and goals to life, using inspiring images, quotes and personal items, perfect for capturing what you imagine your best life looks and feels like. All attendees enjoy a complimentary jar of Push Pins and a gorgeous pack of Quote Cards.

  • Up to 8 participants
  • Bookings are essential
  • Snacks and drinks provided
  • Runs for 2 hours

We also offer one-on-one workshops where you can work independently with our consultant in store. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now!

Workshop registrations are non-refundable within 48 hours of the workshop.Guests must provide 24 hours' notice if they would like to reschedule a workshop.

  • Schedule

    NSW/ACT Chatswood: Thu 27 Jun, 6pm
    NSW/ACT Eastgardens: Sun 6 Oct, 11am
    NSW/ACT Erina: Wed 24 Jul, 6pm
    NSW/ACT Kotara: Mon 19 Aug, 6.15pm
    NSW/ACT Penrith: Thu 18 Jul, 6pm
    NSW/ACT Shellharbour: Sun 4 Aug, 1.30pm
    NSW/ACT Shellharbour: Sun 27 Oct, 1.30pm
    NSW/ACT Tuggerah: Mon 15 Jul, 6pm
    NSW/ACT Wagga: Tue 24 Sep, 6pm
    NSW/ACT Warringah: Wed 7 Aug, 6pm
    NZ Britomart: Fri 7 Jun, 6.30pm
    NZ Newmarket: Thu 25 Jul, 6.15pm
    NZ Riccarton: Tue 15 Oct, 6pm
    NZ Shore City: Tue 3 Sep, 6.15pm
    QLD Chermside: Sat 22 Jun, 10am
    QLD Chermside: Sat 31 Aug, 10am
    QLD Mackay: Wed 16 Oct, 6pm
    QLD Mt Gravatt: Tue 13 Aug, 6pm
    QLD Pacific Fair: Sat 27 Jul, 9.30am
    QLD Pacific Fair: Sat 21 Sep, 9.30am
    QLD Queens Plaza: VB Thu 5 Sep, 6pm
    QLD Queens Plaza: Thu 20 Jun, 6.30pm
    QLD Robina: Wed 16 Oct, 6pm
    QLD Sunshine Plaza: Thu 19 Sep, 6pm
    QLD Toowoomba: Wed 3 Jul, 6pm
    QLD Toowoomba: Wed 23 Oct, 6pm
    SA Burnside: Tue 30 Jul, 6pm
    SA Burnside: Tue 22 Oct, 6pm
    SA Marion: Tue 25 Jun, 6pm
    SA Rundle Mall: Mon 3 Jun, 6.15pm
    SA Rundle Mall: Thu 3 Oct, 6.15pm
    VIC Brighton: Thu 3 Oct, 6pm
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 6 Jul, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Tue 16 Jul, 6pm
    VIC Chadstone: Tue 12 Aug, 6pm/div>
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 24 Aug, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Tue 10 Sep, 6pm
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 21 Sep, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Tue 15 Oct, 6pm
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 26 Oct, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 26 Oct, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 16 Nov, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 30 Nov, 9.30am
    VIC Doncaster: Mon 26 Aug, 6pm
    VIC Eastland: Mon 2 Sep, 6pm
    VIC Emporium: Mon 5 Aug, 6pm
    VIC Fountain Gate: Mon 7 Oct, 6pm
    VIC Geelong: Thu 19 Sep, 6pm
    VIC Highpoint: Tue 9 Oct, 6pm
    VIC Knox: Wed 21 Aug, 6pm
    VIC Melbourne Central: Tue 24 Sep, 7.15pm
    VIC Northland: Wed 10 Jul, 6pm
    VIC Northland: Wed 18 Sep, 6pm
    VIC Southland: Wed 2 Oct, 6pm
    VIC Werribee: Wed 30 Oct, 6pm
    WA Carousel: Tue 10 Sep, 10am
    WA Garden City: Sun 4 Aug, 11.15am
    WA Garden City: Thu 3 Oct, 6pm

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