The Impact of Our Dream Life Movement

Together with our #101milliondreamers community, kikki.K is helping Tererai Trent empower and educate the women and children of rural Zimbabwe

Making a Difference

kikki.K is proud to be sharing a percentage of profit from each sale of Kristina Karlsson's ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ book with the Tererai Trent International Foundation, helping Tererai build on the generous foundational support she received from Oprah Winfrey, and supporting her dream to empower women and provide universal access to quality education for children, regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds.

Through the sale of Kristina’s book so far, and the generosity of our #101milliondreamers community, kikki.K has been able to raise over USD $60,000 for Tererai Trent International as well as donate $250,000 worth of stationery to the students of Dr Tererai Trent’s 12 schools in rural Zimbabwe.

Kristina’s dream is to sell 1 million copies of her book, and eventually raise USD $1 million for Tererai Trent International. Keep reading below for the positive impact this funding has had so far.

Making University Dreams a Reality

Matau Secondary School in Matau, Zimbabwe is just one of the schools making the education dreams of young women and men a reality due to the work of Dr Tererai Trent. We are so grateful that Tererai has chosen to utilise the donations from kikki.K to help make this a reality.

Thanks to the generous support of our #101milliondreamers, kikki.K has been able to help support the cost of tuition, exams, accommodation and supplies for 10 recent graduates. Among these inspiring students are the first ever female students (seven in total) to graduate from Matau Secondary School and progress their studies at college or university.

The supplies the students require include uniforms, protective clothing, stationery as well as technical requirements for the courses they have chosen to study.

Five of these inspiring students have started studying at local Vocational and Technical Colleges, across a range of courses, including Motor Mechanics and Industrial Clothing and Design. Exam fees were able to be paid for all of these students.

The other five students are now studying at the University of Zimbabwe and kikki.K has been able to support them with the cost of tuition and accommodation. As all the students are from rural backgrounds, mentors and councillors have also been able to support them in processing their applications as well as transitioning to an urban setting. This process required relocating and accommodating them in Harare, providing access to internet and transport for the purpose of facilitating their applications, along with registration and orientation.

Thank you to our #101milliondreamers community for making the education dreams of these students a reality by taking the opportunity to dream with a copy of Kristina Karlsson’s ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’. USD $1 from the sale of every book is donated directly to Tererai Trent International.

Changing Lives Through Stationery

kikki.K Founder, Kristina, recently visited Zimbabwe where she saw first-hand the impact our partnership with Dr Tererai Trent is having on their community, and it’s all thanks to the support of our #101millionmreamers community.

Kristina was able to meet some of the students benefiting from this support, and was there for the delivery of kikki.K’s donation of $250,000 worth of stationery to 12 schools in rural Zimbabwe.

The schools who received stationery and accessories were a mixture of primary and secondary schools, and items were distributed and allocated to the schools based on enrolment and using the following guidelines:
  • Backpacks and water bottles were provided to infants
  • Notepads, journals, stickers and pens were given to all school children and teachers
  • Fun Superheroes Are Real Collection packs were given to juniors
  • Study materials were provided to seniors
  • Stationery sets were distributed to school heads and teachers
  • Notebooks, pens and study aids were given to university students
  • Other special items will be utilised for awards and events, such as end-of-year prizes and spelling competitions or quizzes.
Through the incredible support of our #101milliondreamers community and our partnership with Dr Tererai Trent, kikki.K hopes to sustain this support and allow even more children to chase their dreams.

Hear From Some of the Students

"This is my time to be a role model to my community. This is my time to shine. As they say, the sky is the limit."


"What I love about being given this opportunity to further my education is that it will give me a chance to explore much about the world and shine like a star in a community of marginalised girls."


"Education is the key to success, so this opportunity will help me fight for the emancipation of women especially those involved in early marriages due to poverty."


"I want to be the voice of those silenced women. I want to focus on emancipating women and also empowering them."