Managing a busy lifestyle has a lot to do with having the right planning tools to do so, and knowing how to use them to their full potential.

  • Be inspired to:
  • Tailor and categorise a Planner or Diary to suit your needs
  • Creatively customise a Planner or Diary to make it unique
  • Better manage your time & tasks with our helpful tips

All attendees enjoy a bonus gift. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now!

  • 5 - 10 participants
  • Bookings are essential
  • Snacks and drinks provided
  • Runs for 1.5 hours

We also offer one-on-one workshops where you can work independently with our consultant in store. Bookings are essential, please call your local store to book now!


Workshop registrations are non-refundable within 48 hours of the workshop.Guests must provide 24 hours’ notice if they would like to reschedule a workshop.

  • Schedule

    HK Princes Building: Thu 15 Nov, 7pm
    NZ Newmarket: Thu 21 Feb, 6.15pm
    QLD Cairns: Sat 15 Jun, 6pm
    QLD Carindale: Wed 27 Feb, 6pm
    QLD Chermside: Sat 2 Feb, 10am
    QLD Chermside: Sat 25 May, 10am
    QLD Indooroopilly: Mon 10 Jun, 6pm
    QLD Indooroopilly: Mon 21 Jan, 6pm
    QLD Mackay: Wed 8 May, 6pm
    QLD Pacific Fair: Sat 12 Jan, 9.30am
    QLD Pacific Fair: Sat 4 May, 9.30am
    QLD Queens Plaza: Thu 11 Apr, 6.30pm
    QLD Queens Plaza: Thu 14 Feb, 6.30pm
    QLD Queens Plaza: Thu 27 Jun, 6.30pm
    QLD Robina: Wed 6 Feb, 6pm
    QLD Sunshine Plaza: Thu 16 May, 6pm
    QLD Toowoomba: Wed 19 Jun, 6pm
    QLD Toowoomba:  Wed 5 Dec, 6pm
    SA Burnside: Mon 24 Jun, 6pm
    SA Burnside: Mon 4 Feb, 6pm
    SA Marion: Tue 8 Jan 6pm
    SA Rundle Mall: Tue 12 Mar, 6.15pm
    SNG Raffles:  Thu 23 May, 9am
    SNG Raffles:  Thu 28 Mar, 9am
    SNG Raffles:  Wed 20 Feb, 9am
    SNG Raffles:  Wed 9 Jan, 9am
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 19 Jan, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone: Sat 2 Mar, 9.30am
    VIC Chadstone:   Sat 27 Oct, 9.30am
    VIC Fountain Gate: Mon 25 Feb, 6pm
    VIC Northland: Wed 23 Jan, 6pm

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