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Behind the scenes: The making of our new Scented Candles

Monday 1 May 2023

By kikki.K


Light Box, Looking Glass, Floweret and Landscape: introducing our new kikki.K Scented Candles. Perfect for gifting and warming any space, each one is hand-poured in Melbourne and designed to engage the senses.

Come with us as we take a peek at the manufacturing process, with a behind-the-scenes look at these irresistible new additions to our kikki.K Collection. Which one will you choose?

When setting out to create our new kikki.K Scented Candles, we wanted every aspect of each one to be perfect – from developing the right fragrances to engage the senses, right through to the perfect vessel and wick to ensure a long-lasting candle burn. With this in mind, we partnered with the experts in candle manufacturing in Australia, the ever-talented Grace and James.

About Grace and James

Grace and James are a Melbourne-based scented candle manufacturer in Oakleigh, VIC. The small but passionate team work on every stage of the candle-making process; from the creation of bespoke scents to hand pouring every candle, and every finishing touch to ensure a premium and beautiful product for your home.

The Making Of Our Candles

To create our beautiful new candles, a Grace and James team of two pourers and two finishers work on each one from start to finish.

The delicate process starts with hand cleaning every vessel to ensure the wax adheres properly. Then, a cotton wick is placed, and all vessels are laid out ready for pouring.

Loose vegan soy wax is added into the wax melter, then melted to 65 degrees, opening up the molecules so the wax is ready to accept the scent. A jug of melted wax is carefully measured out in a separate jug, and the desired scent is added to a precise measurement.

Everything is measured twice and poured once, and precision is key. Temperature is also very important here, as the best finish on the wax is achieved when it cools slowly. To achieve the best possible finish, each of the two pouring rooms is sealed off to the cool outside air, staying around 23 degrees.

All pours are done by hand in small batches. Once a few are poured, the wicks are centred and held in place with a paddle pop stick and peg. In 2-3 hours the candles are set enough to start the finishing process.

The wicks are then trimmed and candles placed into their box to fully cure for at least another 24 hours. When finished curing, the candles are given a final clean, labelled, dust cover added and boxed in their kikki.K packaging, ready to be delivered.

Which Scent Will You Choose?

Light Box Scented Candle
Let in the light. Focus and refresh with our signature scent. Notes of lotus, peony and chamomile in a glass vessel.

Floweret Scented Candle
Fresh blooms. Sweet and delicate. Notes of gardenia, jasmine and tuberose in a Rose Quartz tinted colour glass vessel.

Landscape Scented Candle
Earthy aromatics to renew and revitalise. Notes of cypress, cedarwood and bergamot in an Acorn tinted colour glass vessel.

Looking Glass Scented Candle
A warm glow. Senses come alive. notes of amber, sandalwood and geranium in a Mist tinted colour glass vessel.

A perfect gift to beautify any home or workspace or elevate a table setting as an inviting focal point – find your favourite kikki.K Scented Candle and create a warming atmosphere and engage your senses today.