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Create with kikki.K: Get crafty with our latest paper lover's book

Thursday 9 March 2023

By kikki.K


Here are just a few of our favourite projects from our latest Paper Lover’s Book, available in stores or online now.


We love using these simple, paper Gift Boxes as a handy pouch for holding essentials. Perfect for attaching to our office Vision Board. Here’s how…

  1. Gently punch out the shape
  2. Fold along the score lines
  3. Add double-sided sticky tape to the side tab, then stick to the inside wall of the opposite side
  4. Fold one end in, then pin one of the tabs at the top to attach to your Vision Board.
  5. Fill with pens, flowers and more!


With over 150 stickers, 25 greeting cards, 60 gift tags, wrapping paper, DIY projects & more, our Paper Lover’s Book is perfect for decorating your Planner, Vision Board, DIY Album or Memory Maker Albums. Embellish using as many unique elements as you wish. Take it one step further and explore our Sticker Lover’s Book for even more creative fun. Here’s how we created this beautiful page in our DIY Album, using designs from our latest Paper Lover’s Book

  1. Choose an Indigo native flora Notecard, tear out along the perforated lines
  2. Find a complimenting Patterned Paper page and gently tear along the perforated edge
  3. Cut to size if needed, and stick this to your DIY Album page, adding the floral card on top
  4. Find coordinating Decorative Stickers to secure your own extra embellishments (dried flower sprig used here) to the page and add embellishments as you wish.
  5. Pop out one large gold circle Gift Tag and one slim Gift Tag, then layer these together and secure with a sticker of your choice.
  6. Add your own photos, messages and stories to complete the page.


Add unique finishing touches to any gift with Wrapping Paper and Greeting Cards from our latest Paper Lover’s Book. Designs included have been purposely created to coordinate easily, and take the hard work out of gift wrapping – for any occasion. It’s so simple…

  1. Find the Wrapping Paper sheet or Patterned Paper page you want to use from within your Paper Lover’s Book.
  2. Neatly fold the paper around the gift and secure with tape or Double-Sided Adhesive Dots.
  3. Tie a neat, simple ribbon around and secure with a basic knot and bow.
  4. Choose a contrasting Greeting Card from your Paper Lover’s Book to slide in under the ribbon.
  5. Add any extra embellishments you wish to slide in under the ribbon as a memento to keep with their gift – we’ve used a dried flower sprig here but you could choose anything you like!

This is just a taste of the beauty that can be created with our latest Paper Lover’s Book. Embrace the tactile nature and creativity of paper craft today and explore our latest release for yourself here>

You can also shop our Sticker Lover’s Book for even more creative fun! And don’t forget to share your creations with us using @kikki.K and #kikkiklove

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